Heart Of Ice - New Generation Gamebook

Heart of Ice - press information

After the extremely successful campaign of Storm Weavers, Other Worlds Gamebooks publisher announces the campaign of another gamebook.

Legendary Gamebook Author Dave Morris’s beloved favorite “Heart of Ice” is back – in a way you’ve never seen before! Other Worlds has transformed his “Critical IF” magnum opus into a next-generation sci-fi gamebook.

Heart of Ice is the fusion of an RPG adventure game with a compelling interactive novel in which you play an explorer searching for a mysterious artifact in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic winter world, and its ending depends entirely on your choices!

New Generation Gamebook

The target of our crowdfunding campaign is the creation of a deluxe, collectible version of the Heart of Ice gamebook. We envision a high-quality, hardcover book with stunning color graphics and illustrations, premium paper, and add-ons that make the game come alive through immersive, never-before-seen exploration mechanics.

The legendary author of the illustrations is none other than Russ Nicholson, who also created the art for the iconic Warlock of Firetop Mountain gamebook, as well as other Fighting Fantasy and RPG games series. His intricate, instantly recognizable style connects Heart of Ice to its roots, but these evocative images now leap off the page in full color, a graphic transformation by Other Worlds that add a fantastic new sensory experience.


Dave Morris graduated from Magdalen College, Oxford, where he read Physics from 1976 until 1979. Since then he is created best selling gamebooks like series: Bloodsword, Chronicles of Magi, Dragon Wariors, Fabled Lands and many others. Heart of Ice is considered as one of his best creations.

The New version of the Heart of Ice gamebook is a production of Paweł Dziemski - the author of the recent, successfully crowdfunded Storm Weavers tabletop tactical gamebook RPG.


Per Jorner: "I can’t say with absolute certainty that this is the best gamebook I’ve read, but if not it’s certainly one of the very best, with the best character design, the best one-shot world design and the best writing. Almost every point of criticism has to be aimed at something which is clearly the exception and not the norm. Rather than a hackneyed outing that you struggle through and put behind you, Heart of Ice is an experience to remember and reflect on. It shows every sign of having been written by someone who loves the gamebook medium, and with great narrative skill and vision to back that energy up…" "You know, the first impression is memorable. When I opened this gamebook for the first time, I thought, “Wait a minute, is it Choose Your Own Adventure or something alike?” I meant, childish (sorry, CYOA). I’d started from Fighting Fantasy series and Fighting Fantasy-style books of Russian authors, so for me, a gamebook without dice rolls looked rather strange, to say at least.

However, then I discovered all stunning aspects of Heart of Ice like great variety, resource management, multiple endings, building the relations with NPCs (it wasn’t full-scale party management as in PC RPGs, but still) etc. And yes — I found out that a gamebook without dice could be great and not childish at all. In fact, Dave Morris got rid of some classic gamebooks’ flaws as prevailing the random factor (You fail the Luck Roll, and you’ll die, ha-ha!) and blind choices (‘right door/left door’ choices when you have no clue). So, Heart of Ice was important for genre back in the 1990s, and it also became important for me, because I really saw something different in my favourite genre."

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Andrew Wright: "The characterization of your competitors surpasses that of many a novel. Suffice to say that I’ve found few gamebook moments as gratifying as telling Boche off on the quay in Venis, or as portentous as stargazing with Janus Gaunt, or as disturbing as coming eye to eye with Baron Siriasis for the final time. This is no gang of Mungos! Your antagonists are smart and resourceful and your only consolation is that hopefully so are you."

Readers comments

“The game system is not only simple and elegant, but it also makes an absolute joy out of character creation.”

“Superb use of exposition, tone, and detail.”

“The characterization surpasses that of many a novel.”

“Technology whose deeper secrets are lost to the centuries meshes wonderfully with a kind of freakish neo-Renaissance civilization of explorers, opportunists, merchants and nobles.”

“At all times this world feels as if it exists outside of your immediate experiences, outside of the page.”

“The metaphysical element reflected in the skill set melds seamlessly into the setting.”

“It shows every sign of having been written by someone who loves the gamebook medium, and with great narrative skill and vision to back that energy up.”

“The best character design, the best one-shot world design and the best writing.”

“Heart of Ice is an experience to remember.”